Pink Wednesday at Nijmegen 4-Day Marches Celebrates Diversity and Courage with Highlining Spectacle

Date: 19 Juli 2023

Location: Nijmegen, Spiegelwaal Netherlands

In a breathtaking display of courage, balance, and diversity, this year’s Pink Wednesday at the Nijmegen 4-Day Marches was taken to new heights by the “De Rollende Minna’s” skate collective. The event featured a captivating performance by a group of passionate highliners, who conquered a 170-meter midline strung across a bridge, all while celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. This unique sport, which originated from the climbing world and has since drawn practitioners from various fields, including the circus, showcased the extraordinary skills and determination required to walk on a thin line suspended at great heights.

The event was a true testament to the power of unity and courage, as the highliners showcased their prowess and fearlessness on the suspended line. The 170-meter midline, composed of four segments interconnected with backup systems, ensured safety even if one segment were to fail, preventing any catastrophic snaps and maintaining an element of controlled tension.

Among the talented performers were:

Jeroen Cuppen from the Netherlands, @slacklinejeroen Took to the highline with a grace that seemed to defy gravity itself. With each step he took, it was as if he effortlessly danced along the line, a true embodiment of skill and precision. His performance highlighted the incredible talent that resides within our country’s borders, and his representation showcased the diversity of skills that the event aimed to celebrate.

Erika Sedlacek from Brazil, @sedlacekerika As an artist, Erika transcended the boundaries of conventional performance. Walking on the line became her stage, and the bridge, her audience. With each step she took, Erika’s balance on the line mirrored the delicate equilibrium between creativity and courage. Her ability to perform and sing, not only with vocal grace but also with the physical prowess required for highlining, was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Fefi Zurcher from Argentina, @fefizurcher Hailing from Argentina, Fefi Zurcher’s infectious energy on the highline was a sight to behold. His vibrant spirit and willingness to take on the challenge head-on served as an inspiration to all those present. With each step he conquered, Fefi embodied the essence of pushing one’s limits and celebrating the journey, regardless of the outcome.

These artists brought their unique styles and experiences to the event, contributing to the rich tapestry of skills on display.

The event also served as a platform to promote support for the highlining community and its athletes. Spectators had the opportunity to contribute to the cause through donations, either by making a cash donation in designated boxes or by scanning QR codes for digital donations. Every contribution, regardless of size, played a crucial role in furthering the passion and growth of this unique sport.

Lowlines, the Netherlands-based highlining collective, played a pivotal role in organizing and executing this remarkable event. To stay updated on their future endeavors and events, you can follow them on Instagram: @low_lines_nl.

The Pink Wednesday at Nijmegen 4-Day Marches was a remarkable celebration of diversity, courage, and athleticism. The combination of breathtaking performances, a stunning backdrop, and the spirit of unity made this event an unforgettable experience for all who were fortunate enough to witness it.

By offering the chance for people to try out slacklining, “De Rollende Minna’s” expanded the reach of their celebration beyond the highliners’ impressive feats. This thoughtful inclusion allowed newcomers to engage with the sport, fostering a deeper appreciation for the skills and courage required to master these elevated challenges. Whether individuals were seasoned practitioners or trying it for the first time, the slacklining area undoubtedly contributed to the vibrant and diverse atmosphere of the event.

Special Thanks to:

  • De Rollende Minna’s: Your passion and dedication in organizing and executing this event added a unique touch to the Pink Wednesday celebration at the Nijmegen 4-Day Marches. Your efforts in bringing together a diverse group of highliners and creating a platform to celebrate both athleticism and the LGBTQ+ community are truly appreciated.
  • Readslackline: For their invaluable support and contribution to the highlining community, helping to make events like this possible. Your dedication to the sport and commitment to creating breathtaking experiences are truly commendable.
  • Gonda Versteeg for capturing the essence of our event through your stunning photography. Your photos not only serve as lasting memories but also as a testament to the passion and energy that the Skate collective “De Rollende Minna’s” and the participants brought to this remarkable occasion.

Your collaborative efforts have not only showcased the awe-inspiring world of highlining but also served as a powerful reminder of the importance of unity, diversity, and courage. Thank you for making this event an unforgettable experience that will continue to resonate with everyone who was a part of it.

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